Other Services

Does your project need more than development? My Editor’s services goes beyond the development stage.

If a project is on a tight deadline and a short production schedule, My Editor’s services also include comprehensive text copyediting and general proofreading for those projects using My Editor’s development services.

Copyediting and Proofreading

My Editor provides a fresh perspective and read on the project from an objective point of view. Professional copyeditors look to improve a text, whether by making a simple correction to punctuation, a substitution of a word or phrase for the existing text, or a complete re-write of an entire section to create a logical presentation of the subject matter. Thoughtful, brief queries and suggestions are sent to the author to possible re-writes for awkward sentences and structure. The format and style of the text is checked for compliance with the style requirements, and we never lose sight of the style, tone, and overall character of the text.

My Editor’s proofreaders peruse page proofs and subject the text to a read for incorrect punctuation, misused words, content that mixes tenses, and other small inconsistencies that detract from the overall work.

The experience, competence and credentials of My Editor’s copyeditors and proofreaders ensure quality results for our clients.

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