Photos & Permissions

Photo Research

Photo researchers recognize that an effective photo program can enhance the visual appeal of your text, help communicate complex concepts, and bring real-world appeal to content.

My Editor’s photo research team works closely with authors to ensure key messages are visually represented and will always remain cognoscente of budgets. Our talent and our association with stock libraries, photographers and repro house ensures we’ll find the best photos to represent the message the author wishes to convey.

Permissions Clearance

Adhering to copyright law is…well, the law! Identifying material in need of clearance, locating copyright holders, securing permission, negotiating fees, and properly crediting copyright holders are necessary steps within the development of every text.

My Editor’s permissions team analyzes your manuscript for third-party, copyrighted material that may require permission. The team obtains permissions, releases, and consents to publish, and documents the results by preparing a Permissions Log, Releases, and Consents for our clients.

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